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Teachers Union Needs To Learn a Few Things (7/29/08)

Teachers Union Needs To Learn a Few Things (7/29/08)     

Last month, the Jefferson County Public School system didn't renew the contracts of 18 teachers because of significant misconduct and other deficiencies.

Predictably, the Jefferson County Teachers Association insisted all these people did a great job and letting them go was a huge injustice.

But after seeing court documents filed by the school system, it's hard to understand if the Teachers Association has any standards whatsoever.

The unacceptable behavior included: bringing guns to school, having students spend the night in the teacher's home, using indecent language and plenty more -- all of which pretty much define the term "irresponsible."

But no matter how widely varied and well-documented these charges were, the Teachers' Association has vowed to dispute every one.

Let's be clear. What the Teachers' Association is really saying here is: "Regardless of how badly you do your job, as long as you're one of us, we'll work to help you keep it."

A union should jump in when clear rights violations have occurred. But its real goal should be to foster excellence among its membership - not just collect dues, justify mediocrity and defend incompetence.

In my opinion, these lousy teachers should have spent more time worrying about how to teach children properly when they had a chance, rather than playing the victim in court now. 

What do you think? Call and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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