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McConnell's Negativity Scores No Points (7/31/08)

McConnell's Negativity Scores No Points (7/31/08)

We should all be used to deceptive political advertising that twists facts and smears opponents. But why would a man in Mitch McConnell's position think he has to resort to such tactics?

His recent commercials try to pin the current high cost of gasoline on Bruce Lunsford simply because Lunsford worked in the Governor's office twenty-eight years ago when Kentucky's gas tax was changed from nine cents a gallon to a percentage of the price.

But this is ridiculous. First, Lunsford - who held no elected position at the time -- was hardly the major force behind this move. Second, the tax revision only makes a small difference in the overall cost of gas in any case. And third, had such a change not been adopted, by now our roads would be in ruin from a lack of maintenance.

Mitch McConnell has been good for Kentucky in many ways. His position of influence gives us welcome clout on a national level. He has so many strengths he could be talking about, it's just silly for him to fixate on one of his opponent's weaknesses - especially one so groundless.

I've certainly always respected Mitch McConnell, but it's hard to respect someone who just trashes his rival instead of emphasizing his own abilities and accomplishments.

Please, Senator - stop insulting our intelligence.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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