Need a job?  Applications for temporary workers for the Kentucky State Fair are now being accepted.

Monday morning, people lined up to start applying for jobs.  Positions are available for grounds, housekeeping, admission, tour guides, tram drivers, and maintenance staff.

Pay starts at $6.75 an hour and you must be at least 18 years old to apply.  One applicant, Dorothy Mucker, told Fox 41 News, "I work part-time for UPS and I need another job and it seems like it's going to be exciting."

Applications are being accepted at the employment trailer next to the Armory and Cracker Barrel near Gate 4, Monday through August 12th, at the times listed below.  For more information, go to the News Link above.

Applications for Ky State Fair Jobs

August 4-11 -- 8am to 4pm

August 12th -- 6am to 6pm

August 13&14th -- 6am to Midnight

August 15th -- 6am to 8pm

August 16th -- 6am to Midnight

August 17-22 -- 6am to 8pm

August 23 -- 6am to Midnight

August 24 -- 6am to 2pm