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Government takes steps to reduce long lines at Louisville International Airport

Travelers at Louisville International now have a choice when they pass through security checkpoints.  It's all part of how the government is trying to take some of the hassles out of air travel, mainly by reducing some of the long lines at airport security checkpoints.

Passenger Cindy Daniels says she's never had to wait in long lines in Louisville.  The Transportation Security Agency wants to keep it that way, so it's rolling out a new program called the Diamond Self-Select program.

Jay Kelley of TSA explains, "It's better for our folks manning the checkpoints, and it's certainly better for the traveling public."

The new program consists of three lanes based on travel experience.  Air travelers choose for themselves the one they feel best fits them -- the Expert, for the frequent or business traveler, the Casual for those who travel less frequently, and the the third line is for families with young children and those who need special assistance and more time to go through security.

Kelley explains, "Particularly, you get the expert flyer who is on the road every week, they like to get into a lane that's designed for them and they don't have to deal with people in front of them who don't have a clue because they don't travel very often, so there is more satisifaction allowed....It's been pretty good except for the people who don't read the rules and follow the rules, and that gets a little irritating."

The TSA says it may take some time for people to adjust to the new procedures, so customer service reps will be on-hand during peak hours to assist passengers.  Elio Montenegro with Homeland Security says, "The progam is intended to create an environment that is less stressful for the passengers, while at the same time maintaining the level of security at the checkpoints."

The new procedures come to Louisville after a pilot program at two of the nation's airports earlier this year.  Now the system is operating at 31 airports.

Montenegro says, "Based on the postive response we got from both Transportation Security officers and passengers going through, we decided to roll it out at airports across the country."

By the end of the year, the TSA hopes to have the system up and running in fifty airports across the country.

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