Neighbors are shocked after finding out that 88-year-old Raymond Sadler has died.  On July 12, Raymond Sadler was sitting on his front porch when he was beaten.  He died weeks later.

"Apparently he was assaulted by a white male in his 20's or 30's.  He was hit with some type of blunt force object," said Lt. Barry Wilkerson with Metro Homicide.

After the assault Sadler was taken to University Hospital where he died.  The coroner says he contracted pneumonia.  Wilkerson said the case is considered a homicide due to the fact he died not directly from the injury, but from the complications related to the injury.

There is a possibility Sadler knew the suspect.  Many people in the neighborhood knew Sadler and were aware of his movements.  "We talked all the time, he use to sit on the porch and have his little drink and we would cut his grass and the kids would play with him, he was a really nice guy, he never bothered anybody," said Laurie Skelton, Sadler's neighbor.

Police are continuing to talk to neighbors, they're hoping any information they get will help.