Candidates: Be Worthy of Being Called "Honorable" (8/5/08)

Last week I did a Point of View on the fact that Mitch McConnell blaming Bruce Lunsford for the high price of gas is, frankly, insulting to the thinking people of Kentucky.  We received a good deal of feedback on that one with many people feeling that I am now down on Senator McConnell. 

I'm not at all down on the Senator, or the job he's done in Washington.  I think there is great value in having a man of his experience and clout in Washington representing us. 

What I am down on is this passion for negative political advertising causing truth to become a casualty.  If Burger King advertised by only telling you how bad their competitor is we'd all flock to McDonald's out of protest.  But negative advertising is just the way things are done in politics.  The strategy seems to say, "You may not like me much, but look how much worse my opponent is!"

Well I want Mitch McConnell to forget about Lunsford and tell us why we should vote for him again.  I want him to tell us about his strengths and what he will do for us in return for our vote.  I want Lunsford, and Northup, and Yarmuth to tell us why they are the kind of people for whom we should cast our vote.  I want them to be civil, and above petty name calling.  I want whomever we elect to be worthy of being called "Honorable."

What do you think?  Call us and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my...Point of View.