A Jefferson County man convicted of rape and posing as a police officer is going to get a new trial.  Errors in his trial led Kentucky's Supreme Court to throw out Michael Holt's conviction.

Holt celebrates his 46th birthday this week.  His family members say finally, there is something to be happy about.

In many ways, it was the beginning of the end for Michael Holt back in 2003 when he stood before a judge at Metro Corrections.  He was charged with rape and impersonating a police officer.  He cried as he heard the charges against him.

BNow he has a glimmer of hope.  The Kentucky Supreme Court has thrown out hyis conviction, and he is going to get a new trial in Jefferson Circuit Court.

Prosecutor Thomas Van DeRostyne said Wednesday, "The Kentucky Supreme Court reversed Mr. Holt's conviction, based upon what they, the court, perceived as errors, and it was sent back."

Detectives said Holt pretended to be a police officer in December 2002, and approached a woman in a restaurant parking lot, offering to help her with a car ride.

The woman says Holt raped her.  Holt says he did give the woman a ride, and that the sexual activity was consensual.

According to the Kentucky Supreme Court decision, the trial court committed reversable error in admitting 24 and 25-year-old prior felony convictions.

Holt was sentenced to 18 years -- 13 for rape and five for impersonating a police officer.  Van De Rostyne says, "When we try cases, we try to try them to where they're not going to be reversed.  We do everything we can to insure that, and obviously we try to effectively use taxpayer money, we don't want to see them come back. If they come back, we try to resolve them in as fast a speedy manner as possible."

Fox 41's Bill Alexander spoke with Holt's family members, and they say they are elated.  Holt was transferred from the State Peniteniary to Metro Corrections.  He remains there with bond set at $50,000.FOR A PRE-TRIAL, AUGUST 11TH.