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A License to Bike? - (8/7/08)

A License to Bike? - (8/7/08)

When it comes to bicycles sharing the road with cars, both groups have plenty of gripes.

Cyclists say they risk injury or death because some drivers don't respect their right to be on the road.

But some drivers say while cyclists demand all the rights of the road, many constantly break the rules -- running red lights, failing to signal and riding between traffic lanes.

The fact is, both accusations are correct. Which is a shame.

We should all want bicycles and cars to peacefully coexist. Because every adult riding a bike from point A to point B is one who's NOT driving a car - which lessens pollution and oil demand.

But there's no doubt there are plenty of cyclists out there who ignor the rules of the road.

So here's a wild idea:  Why not require all bikes that are going to be used on main public thoroughfares to be registered and licensed? And require their riders to pass a road test, wear a helmet and display a license plate? That would make cycling far safer, and those who choose to be reckless could be more easily reported.

Drivers should always exercise extra caution around bikers. Nothing should change that. But cyclists should also do their part. And this might be a step in that direction.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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