News of last night's double homicide at the Sheppard Square Housing Project has one neighbor sending a message to the killer. Metro police haven't yet named any suspects in the shooting death of a couple inside their apartment.

Ta'keisha Huff came to the Hall of Justice Monday afternoon to try to file a criminal complaint. But police are not saying whether there is a connection between that and her murder.

Kena Smalley says she lives next door to 27-year old Ta'keisha Huff and her 30-year old boyfriend, Marion Jones. Smalley was at work when police say the couple was shot to death.

"I hope for them to realize what they did was wrong. And just turn their life over to Christ, that's what I hope for," said Smalley.

People who knew the young couple set up a memorial for them on their doorstep. Ta'keisha's three children were not at home at the time of the murders.

"They wanted to make sure the children were always out of harm's way and never put in a position to see this kind of ongoing dispute, described to me as a lot of arguments and stuff like that," said Huff family spokesperson, Christopher 2X.

Chris 2X is speaking for Ta'keisha's family, who say she had been arguing with an ex-boyfriend. The county attorney's office won't say if that's the person she tried to file a criminal complaint against at the Hall of Justice, Monday afternoon.

"Ms. Huff came into our Domestic Violence Intake Center to swear out a criminal complaint," said Bill Patteson, Jefferson Co. Attorney's Office.

But the county attorney's office says she did not have enough evidence for the court to take her complaint. Seven years ago, Ta'keisha did take out a Domestic Violence Order against the father of two of her kids.

"We feel good about the way that we handled this situation," said Patteson.

Still, the office will review their procedures to see if they could have done anything differently. Meanwhile, the murdered couple's neighbor tries to remember the good times.

Metro police want to know any information anyone might have about this double homicide. You can call their anonymous tip line at 574-LMPD.