Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway says his office is zeroing in on the reason Louisville's gas prices are higher than prices in surrounding areas.

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear and Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson surprised the attorney general in early July when they asked him to investigate why Louisville's gas prices seem higher than other areas.

Jack Conway told Fox 41's Dick Irby on Friday his office has taken the assignment seriously and, after a month of investigation, is focusing on one company.

When people complain about high gas prices, gas station clerks are often the ones forced to listen.  But as Conway explains, "To the public, I want to say, it's not a retail issue.  Don't get mad at retailers."

After more than a month of investigating, Attorney General Jack Conway says his office has found no indication local gas stations are conspiring to raise Louisville prices higher than elsewhere.  But, he says, "Over the last two years, it seems we may be artificially high on the wholesale level....We have a wholesale market in Jefferson County that is dominated by one supplier."

Conway did not name the corporation his office is focusing on, but it's no secret that Marathon Oil is the wholesaler that claims 95% of the market since merging with Ashland Oil a while back.

Conway continued, "I imagine, after this series of interviews I did this morning, they're going to get the message they ought to look at the Louisville market and what their wholesale prices are."

The Attorney General hopes wholesales continue to cooperate with his office.  He adds it is likely action will be taken to try to bring Louisville gas prices down to levels other areas enjoy:  "We're going to ask the federal government to look at this and see if we have a monopoly.  I'm going to see if there is any legal recourse I can take."