A community is concerned that a danger still lurks at a Scottsburg intersection. Three teenagers were killed in an accident at the intersection last year.

On Sunday an event was held to raise money for a memorial for one of the teens. Family and friends also hoped to raise awareness about what is still needed at the intersection.

"The kids died shortly after midnight on the 11th," said Tess Brunmeier, Tim's mother.

"The chaplain showed up at our door at 5:30 in the morning," said Dina Burke, Cory's mother.

Cory Emerson, Tim Brunmeier and exchange student Juliane Krauss were killed in the accident.  The teens were driving on State Road 356 and U.S. 31. Police say the driver did not see a stop sign on the dark road.

A year after the accident, friends and family members gathered at the Georgetown Optimist club to remember the teens.

"Tim was full of life and full of energy," said Tess.

Tim was a drummer, Cory played guitar and Juliane fell in love with her adopted home and family in Southern Indiana.

Some of Tim and Cory's former band members played their favorite songs, while others looked at pictures and videos and reminisced.

Organizers also sold t-shirts to raise money for a memorial for Juliane.  It will be placed between Tim and Cory's headstones at Wolfe Cemetery in Georgetown.  Meanwhile, there's also an effort to make the intersection safer.

"They've got the solar flashing light up now to warn of the stop sign," said Dina.

Family members say the solar lights are an improvement but want more.

"We're looking for a light of some kind either a flashing yellow light in the intersection or another light," said Tess.

Family and friends plan to continue to pushing for more lights at the intersection, however they know that takes time.