People came to the Sheppard Square Apartments to remember two people gunned down Wednesday night.

Standing at the apartment where Takeisha Huff and Marion Jones were shot and killed, family and friends took time to reflect on their loss.

The ceremony was their way of telling neighbors and the community to tell what they know to help police find a killer.

Most believe a former boyfriend knows about the double murder.  Huff had taken out an EPO against a former boyfriend.  Friends say she feared for her life.

Huff had also made arrangements for her children not to be around, for fear of some type of violence. Metro police haven't made any arrests.

"The real hurting part hasn't hit me yet. It's an odd feeling and I can feel the loss.  They say you are not suppose to bury your kids, your kids are suppose to bury you.  Her death was a surprise, but I always knew she was in a rugged area," Keith Palmer, Huff's father.

Palmer is hoping people in area realize what happened is wrong and stand up for a change. There were two ceremonies at the complex.  Including gatherings by area congregations.