One of the largest meth busts happened in Bullitt County.  Due to the amount of drugs found it could have international ties.

Drug agents busted Jose Pizzaro and Michael Walker.  They are believed to be the dealers after more than $1 million worth of crystal meth was found.  The news of the bust has shocked neighbors who knew the dealers.

"He was friendly, he would wave at me all the time, kept his house up and didn't bother nobody," said Conrad Decker, Pizzaro's neighbor.

Pizzaro stood before a judge Monday, charged with trafficking in crystal meth.  Walker is facing charges as well.

Police say over the weekend, Pizzaro went to Walker's home on Knobb Creek Road in Shepherdsville to put together their deal.  The deal that would covert three pounds of crystal meth worth $250,000 to a stash worth $1 million.

"The three pounds is valued out, we call it wholesale.  $250,000 before it is cut, strong meth can be cut up four times.  We're talking about a lot of meth, that's off the street," said Kenny Hardin, with the Bullitt County Drug Task Force.

Investigators went to Pizzarro's home on Blake Lane in Louisville, and found an assortment of 43 weapons and $4,000 in cash.  Everything was seized including automobiles.

Now lawmen from several agencies are trying to determine the source and other connections.  They feel Pizzaro is high up on the food chain, possibly working with contacts in Mexico or the southwestern United States.

Bullitt, Hardin and Meade County authorities met with federal agents to determine the extent of the bust.