Family members of a Louisville man shot and killed last year are hoping a reward will lead to the arrest of those who did it.

Family and friends of 23-year-old Demetrius Knox gathered Monday evening near the area where he was shot.  Their hope: that someone saw something on the night of November 8, 2007.

Armed with nearly 500 flyers, his relatives combed the streets, posting flyers on telephone polls and in supermarkets from Beecher Terrace to Cityview.

"People said they heard gunfire but that's pretty much it.  As far as information given out. So we are hoping today with the possibly attached someone may hopefully say something by now," said Danielle Knox, Demetrius's sister.

Danielle Knox has enlisted the help of the California-based Carole Sund-Carrington Foundation.  The non-profit agency is providing the $5,000 reward.  The agency claims to have helped solve cold homicide cases in other states.

"Every homicide case is different.  There are some cases that you would absolutely never want to do something like this because it would jeopardize the case.  It wouldn't be appropriate for every case.  For this case it is very appropriate," said Det. Brenda Wescott, with the LMPD Homicide Unit.

Homicides detectives believe Demetrius Knox was in the area when he was shot.  Family members believe robbery might have been a motive.  From there, he ran about a block and a half over where he collapsed in front of Beecher Terrace.

There is still a bullet hole at this TARC bus stop where Knox was planning to catch the bus.  His family says he was on his way home when he was killed.

"We just have faith in the Lord that this is going to turn out.  We will find the killer and if not, we leave it in the hands of the Lord.  He'll take care of it," said Anthony Thurman, Demetrius's stepfather.

"I won't get another Mother's Day call from him.  I won't get a call from him.  That's the hardest thing," said Trina Knox, Demetrius's mother.

Knox's parents expressed some concern that people have been reluctant to come forward out of fear of reprisal.  But their hope now is that the reward could help give detectives the information they need.

Anyone with knowledge of this case is asked to call the homicide unit at 574-7055.