The teenage son of the woman charged in a southern Indiana case of road rage has now been charged in the case. The prosecutor in Clark County, Indiana Steve Stewart made this decision. He's charging that teenager in what's called a juvenile delinquency petition.

Yalanda Parrish says she regrets what happened in mid June on 10th Street near Allison Lane in Jeffersonville, Indiana. She shot Wesley Mosier of Corydon, Indiana, during a case of road rage.

"It's an absolute tragedy for Ms. Parrish, Mr. Mosier and both of their families. I don't think anybody, certainly from Ms. Parrish's side of the family, wanted this to happen. And wish it wouldn't have happened," said Brian Butler, defense attorney.

A grand jury indicted Parrish; charging her with aggravated battery and criminal recklessness. And now her 15-year old son has an appointment with the criminal justice system as well. We can't identify him because of his age, but he's now charged with misdemeanor battery.

Parrish shot Mosier at close range with a .38 revolver after Mosier approached her SUV. The two had been involved in heated confrontations for several blocks along 10th street. Mosier was on a motorcycle.

Witnesses told police and news agencies, the son taunted Mosier as he lay on the ground after being shot. They say the son taunted and kicked Mosier. The son is being charged as a juvenile. Both mother and son are now trying to avoid prison time.

"Right now, we've submitted a request for discovery from the Clark County prosecutor's office and I'm awaiting Mr. Stewart's compliance with that. Which will give us an opportunity for the first time to see what all the witnesses outside Mr. Mosier and Ms. Parrish have said about the incident," said Butler.

Late this evening, the attorney for Wesley Mosier, Larry Wilder, told us he agreed with the move to charge the son as did the lead detective on the case, Charlie Thompson of the Jeffersonville Indiana Police Department.