At last check, John Albers was still at Metro Correction on $10,000 bond. He was arrested last night near his home by sheriff's deputies. A criminal complaint says Albers fired a shot and threatened to "kill a man" he believed had stolen from him.

47-year old John Albers is a Republican running for state Senate in Jefferson County's 35th District. Thursday morning, he was not campaigning, but standing before a judge. Albers was arrested at his home Wednesday night by sheriff's deputies after a criminal complaint was filed against him.

According to this criminal complaint, the alleged incident happened on August 6th. John Albers saw someone he believed had stolen from him and confronted that person. Then he went to this van, grabbed a handgun and fired one shot. The criminal complaint also says he assaulted that person by punching them in the eye.

The man who filed the complaint, Ricky Lester, has no listed address or phone number. But neighbors say Albers believed Lester had stolen from him. That's when the altercation ensued.

During his court appearance, Albers spoke out:

"Is there a no contact order on that too judge? Does it go both ways? 'No.' It doesn't, so Ricky Lester can approach me? So far, Ricky Lester is not standing before me charged with any offense." The judge then told Albers to avoid Lester.

From there, an attorney spoke with Albers, who said Albers wasn't sure he knew the man who filed the charges against him.

"I don't think he meant to be disrespectful to the court. I am not disrespectful to the court. I'm not sure he knows who Ricky Lester is?"

The Republican Party of Jefferson County declined to comment about Albers or the arrest. In fact, county chair Brad Cummings said he was unaware of the incident until he was informed by Fox 41 News. His opponent, state Senator Denise Harper-Angel, was out of town and could not be reached for comment.

Albers also faces another opponent, Louisville businessman and musician Scott Ritcher. A woman listed as the treasurer on Albers's filing papers told me by phone Albers said he was defending himself.

He declined our request for an interview.