Not everything opened today when the 104th Kentucky State Fair kicked off. Thousands flocked to the Fairgrounds, but five carnival rides stayed closed.

When the Midway opened at two this afternoon, five rides did not open and state inspectors say, for good reason. Five rides including Starship, Dino, and Berry-Go-Round did not pass their safety inspections, according to the Kentucky Agriculture Department. So those rides had to stay closed until they got fixed, like Pharaoh's Fury, which opened later in the evening.

Meanwhile, kids spent their day on other rides and other amusements, like a free turn on Guitar Hero in the new North Wing, open to fairgoers for the first time.

"It's not only about the new, it's about the old and the tradition and the things that really make the State Fair special," said Harold Workman, KY State Fair Board President.

Traditions like live music, fair food, and free health screenings. Governor Beshear and other officials cut ribbon Thursday evening to mark the opening of this year's State Fair celebrating the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial and highlighting ways to protect the environment. From the 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid on display to drummers using recycled materials, like water jugs and pans.

"We recycle our members, like him. He'll be out in a couple days. We'll get another one. We recycle everything," said Andrew Rivera, The Procrastinators. 

But a popular tiger show won't be re-cycled next year, so you'd better catch their performances in the next 10 days before they're gone. Some fair favorites though are here to stay. The "Little Miss" pageant contestants must do their jobs.

Other Midway rides that state inspectors shut down at different times today include Power Surge, Crazy Bus, and Super Loop. All for safety reasons they won't go into detail about.

Inspectors will continue to check the rides every morning before the Midway opens.