Not every fan could make the trek to Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The crowd inside the Nachand  Fieldhouse was small but the pride filled the room.  Unfortunately, the outcome was not what the fans had hoped.

For Thomas Burrell, watching his younger cousin play in Williamsport feels like history repeating itself.  Burrell's uncle also played in the Little League World Series back in 1965.

Burrell was flanked by plenty of family members inside the Nachand Fieldhouse.  They all gathered to support center fielder Austin Hines and the rest of the bunch from Jeffersonville, Indiana GRC.

"They're here for the whole team. We're here to support our community and our kids because we know them all," said Burrell.

"It reminds me as a kid playing baseball and just to see them go this far it would be any kids dream to make it to the world series," said Jim Liston, a little league fan.

A dream that might not have played out the way the team had hoped.  Coming off a loss Saturday in which the team's pitcher threw a no-hitter, the team could not muster a hit against a Louisiana team from the Southwest bracket.

"I'm sad about it but I am still proud. We have nothing to be sad about because is the once in a lifetime thing for these kids. It's great," said Burrell.

The team will still advance but is unlikely they will play for the Little League World Series title.  Mary Davey is anxious to see her grandson Austin return home from his historic trip.

"I just want to hug him. That's my baby," said Davey.

If there is a silver lining, the team will most certainly not forget this rare opportunity.  On top of that, they were able to miss a week of school.