Investigators are looking into the possibility of three intentionally set fires in just as many years near a popular Louisville restaurant.

While two fires have been next door, Genny's Diner was the scene of flames early Tuesday morning.

There were two arsons at the vacant historic home next door to the diner a couple of years ago.  And now investigators are looking at a recent fire that they believe was set the same way.

Owner Frank Faris is sweeping up all the glass and trying to clean up after the fire.  He says his restaurant closed at ten Monday night.  But investigators say two and half hours later, they found a fire.  Faris said it looks as if someone set the fire at the back of the building.

Firefighters called the blaze "suspicious" and said it looked like arson.

Investigators say the vacant home Faris owns next door has been intentionally torched twice, in 2006 and 2007.  And fire officials are looking at a pattern between those fires and this one.

The vacant home next door has been the subject of a historic preservation battle.  Faris has wanted to tear it down to build a parking lot, while historic preservationists have wanted it restored.

Investigators have not arrested anyone for the vacant home fires.  Now, Faris is making plans to re-open his business, possibly within two weeks.

Back in 2006, Faris had talked about selling the business and the vacant home next door.  He said Tuesday that they are not for sale.