Things got out of control at Shelby County High School Wednesday before the opening bell even rang.  Five students were arrested, and they're not the only ones involved.

The students are all charged with disorderly conduct after an altercation led to a sheriff's deputy being assaulted.  It all began Wednesday morning before school in the cafeteria of Shelby County High School.

Duanne Puckett of Shelby County Schools says, "Evidently they were having an argument that became out of control, for lack of a better word."  Shelby County school officials say it started between two female students.  According to Puckett, "The faculty that's on supervision in the cafeteria stepped right in."

But that's when several more students also stepped in and things got physical.

Shelby County Sheriff Mike Armstrong says, "One of the students put his hands on the resource officer and started confronting her."

That student was eventually arrested, along with four others.  Sheriff Armstrong says, "They were arrested for disorderly conduct originally.  We are looking into charging some of them with abuse of teachers."

All of the students have been released to their parents except for one being held at a juvenile detention center and 18-year-old Dereck Richmond, who's being held at the Shelby County Detention Center.

Shelby County Sheriff Mike Armstrong says despite the arrests, the investigation is not over.  "Our resource officer detectives will be working with them and there possibly could be some charges coming from this to other students."

Meanwhile, interim principal Michael Rowe addressed the issue with students right away: "That a situation had occurred and that the students were reprimanded and that that type of action and behavior on the part of students is not tolerated at Shelby County High School."