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Road rage shooting victim's past uncovered

The convictions come from two different Indiana counties and range from theft to manslaughter. Wesley Mosier's attorney says his run-ins with the law are irrelevant. But the attorney for the woman who shot Mosier says his history says a lot about him.

39-year old Yalanda Parrish made a 911 call in June, after she says she shot then-52-year old Wesley Mosier in self-defense.

Parrish is indicted for aggravated battery and criminal recklessness. Her 15-year-old son faces a juvenile charge of battery for kicking Mosier after he was shot.

"Ms. Parrish has a pretty colorful history herself. But neither her history nor Wes Mosier's history are relevant to these criminal charges," said Larry Wilder, Mosier's attorney.

The "colorful history" Mosier's attorney refers to happened in March. Parrish says she pulled her gun on another man on the road.

"She is a woman who has never, until this event, ever been charged with a criminal offense in her entire life. When you compare that with Wesley Mosier, I think anyone can see who was the real aggressor that day," said Brian Butler, Parrish's attorney.

Mosier was convicted of theft in 2002 in Crawford County. After looking through files in Harrison County Circuit Court Clerk's office, we also learned that two and half years ago, Mosier was involved in yet another road rage incident. He was also not charged and even awarded money in small claims court.

In 1974, fresh out of the Marine Corps, Mosier was convicted of being an accessory to manslaughter when he was just 19. One year later, Mosier was found not guilty of reckless homicide in a car crash. Mosier, more recently, was convicted of drug possession.

"She was going to shoot whoever walked up to that window, whether it was Pope John Paul, Mother Teresa, or me," said Wilder.

Yalanda Parrish is scheduled to go to trial in November. Her son's next court appearance in set for October. Meanwhile, Mosier is recovering at home.

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