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Darts and Laurels (8/28/08)

Darts and Laurels (8/28/08)

Today is another good day for some Darts and Laurels.

A laurel goes to NBC for their excellent coverage of the Olympics.  For the past few Olympics I was very disappointed in their coverage which was too heavy with heartwarming human interest vignettes and too light on actual sports coverage.  But this year I thought they did a great job.

Another laurel goes to China for hosting perhaps the best Olympics in history.  Never before and maybe never again will we see opening and closing ceremonies like the ones we saw from Beijing.  Regardless of how you feel about China politically, you have to admire the perfection they achieved with these games.  Of course, having a $41 billion dollar budget certainly helped.

Finally, a dart to Bruce Lunsford's campaign and I'd throw two if I could.  They lifted a word from one of my editorials condemning negative political ads, and put it in a negative ad against Mitch McConnell.  You talk about missing the point completely!   The only way politicians can communicate with us anymore is to say, "You may think I'm a low life, crooked, snake in the grass, so I can't tell you much about myself, but wait till you hear about my opponent.  He's even worse, so vote for me!" 

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View. 

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