We're three weeks away from opening day of the Ryder Cup in Louisville.  Local businesses, along with the Vahalla Golf Club, are gearing up for the attraction that's expected to bring thousands to Louisville.

Yellow Cab has turned red, white, and blue.  The transformed cabs have just hit the streets.  Eight cabs have been painted to show support for Ryder Cup and Team USA.

Along Shelbyville Road in front of the Valhalla Golf Course, you'll see flags of different nations and our state flag to welcome the 40,000 people expected daily September 16th through the 21st.

Ryder Cup officials say right now 400 to 500 people are working on getting everything ready for all the visitors -- and during tournament time, expect to find 2,000 to 3,000 workers.

They say the Ryder Cup is double the size of the PGA Championship back in 2000.  So whether it's workers at Valhalla or taxi cab drivers, everyone seems excited for such a big tournament to come to Louisville.

You can still buy Ryder Cup tickets or try to win tickets from Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  Just go to the News Links above for more information.