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ONLY ON FOX: woman says throwing her child into jail with adult offenders went too far

A Louisville woman agrees her daughter should be punished for an after-school fight last week.  But she insists throwing the girl into a jail with adult offenders after a misdemeanor warrant was filed is way out of line.

Police who investigated the fight last Wednesday afternoon made no arrests.  But Chasity Scott was taken into custody on Friday morning when the mother of the other participant took out an arrest warrant for fourth degree assault -- a misdemeanor.

Chasity's mother, Kewietta Johnson, said, "I was told by everyone they would probably take her down there, do what they need to do, and she would probably be home by dinner."

Kewietta Johnson's daughter was not home by dinner Friday night.  Instead of getting a court date and a quick release, Chasity Scott was returned to jail when a judge set a $10,000 full cash bond her family could not pay.

Clarence Hixson/Chasity Scott's attorney, says, "Her parents are here.  Has no prior record whatsoever.  Just turned 18."

On her fourth day in jail, attorney Clarence Hixon got Scott back in court Tuesday, seeking her release without bond.  But Assistant County Attorney J.P. Ward's response was, "Judge, we object to bond reduction at this time.  As you saw when you read the allegation, they are serious."

Chasity Scott's problems began on Wednesday when she and other Liberty High School students waited for a TARC bus at Preston and Indian Trail.  There is often friction as students wait at a Burger King.

On Wednesday, an employee came out to tell them to move away from the restaurant door.  Student Priscila Williams says, "It was a simple fight.  I guess you could call it a simple misunderstanding."

Liberty High School Resource Officer Jamie Brooks talked to witnesses who say the employee may have unintentionally started the altercation:  "Prior to the alleged assault by the defendant, that the employee opened the door and struck the defendant in the head twice and then the assault happened after that."

Judge Sean Delahanty advised, "You need to stay away from the Burger King, the bus stop in front of the Burger King."

Someone else will rule on who is at fault for the fight, but Judge Delahanty did agree to release Chasity Scott on her own recognizance.  Her mother Kewietta Johnson says, "I'm so worried about her because, yeah, she is in there with adults and she's being treated like she just did the worst crime ever.  I can't imagine what her status is now."

Judge Delahanty suggested Tuesday that Liberty High School needs to take some action to stop its students from loitering outside the Burger King.

Resource Officer Brooks told him the school system is trying to convince TARC to remove the bus stop here.

That would send students down the street to a stop that is not in front of any business.

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