They are innocent victims of a growing epidemic -- children of meth users who are taken from their homes.  Four children are involved in the latest incident in Bullitt County overnight.

The meth problems are bad enough, but when children are involved, it's even more alarming.

Four children ranging in ages from five to nine were removed from a home in Hillview early Wednesday morning.  Officers from the Bullitt County Drug task force removed dangerous chemicals from the house, including ether and ammonia nitrate.

Two people were arrested -- 32-year-old Michael Purtilar and the mother of the children, 28-year-old Kimberly Buchholz.

Authorities say a third of the homes busted for meth will likely have a person under 18 living there.  Not only are the kids possibly exposed to the effects of meth, but they have to be taken to a hospital where they are given urine and respiratory tests -- a traumatic experience for a child.

Hardin's five-man task force is constantly following up on reports of meth labs.  Last year there were 22 meth lab busts in Bullitt County.  This year, there are already 25, with four months to go.