Accessories can improve the comfort levels in your home even more, and in some cases allow you to expand the functions of your existing WaterFurnace system.

Capture the FREE hot water from your unit.

The WaterFurnace GeoTank is simply the best way to capture preheated water from your unit. Engineered specifically for your WaterFurnace geothermal system, the GeoTank includes unique features that make installation and operation easy.

Control the temperature of every room in your home from one thermostat.

IntelliZone provides you with precise control over your indoor environment. Adjust zones to condition only the rooms that need it, so your WaterFurnace system runs more efficiently — saving money and providing better comfort. 

The Freshest, cleanest air for your family's health.

The WaterFurnace AlpinePure™ Series is based around three strategies to improve indoor air quality: filter the air, ventilate the air, and eliminate the source. WaterFurnace Indoor Air Quality products include premium air cleaners, purifiers and media filters.