TRIMARC has 70 cameras watching roadways in southern Indiana and Metro Louisville.   Dispatchers are watching those cameras inside TRIMARC's command center downtown.

They watch for slow moving traffic, accidents, or anything that might disrupt traffic.  If there is an accident TRIMARC calls the police, EMS, and fire.  It also sends its own emergency van to help out.

Three more cameras will soon be added to local roadways.  TRIMARC says the best advice for drivers is to know if there's a problem before you go out on the highways.

Tim Emington with TRIMARC says, "We take in a lot of information, and one of our challenges is to get that information back out to the public.  Several ways we do that -- we do that through our dynamic message signs, we also do that mainly through our website and our highway advisory radio, and also through television."

You can check for problems on local highways by going to the News Link above.