Two high school students were beaten and robbed on the way to the bus stop Wednesday morning.  They are the sons of Metro Councilwoman Judith Green.

It's the location of the attack that upset and surprised her -- it happened in her own district.  Now Metro Police are looking for the people who committed the crime.

James Green is still a little shaken up.  He tells Fox 41's Stephan Johnson, "I was just listening to my music.  I wasn't paying attention....Then they just walked up to me and took my headphones out of my ear and started going in my pockets."

Wednesday morning, he was attacked and robbed of his shoes and backpack while walking to the bus stop at the corner of Greenwood and Cecil.  "So that's when I ran, I went to the alley and that's when I saw my brother coming down and I told my brother what happened."

James was able to get away and run home, but his older brother Joshua came back to confront the group and was beaten unconscious."

James and Joshua are the sons of Metro Councilwoman Dr. Judith Green.  Not only is she furious that her son's were attacked, but she says, "I am feeling a sort of betrayal by my own community."  She's mad that it happened in her own council district.  "I represent that area.  I represent those young men who did this to my son."

James and Joshua are both students at Central High School.  Two weeks ago, two football players were also attacked by a group of boys while walking to the bus stop after practice.  As a result, school officials have asked for more security, and the police patrol in the neighborhood has been beefed up at certain times.

James Green says, "It was at least 10 or 15 of them that walked up to me and they surrounded me."  He realizes he was outnumbered, but doesn't plan to stop walking to the bus stop:  "I'm still catching the bus.  I'm not going to be punked out like that."