It was August 1997; a 15-year old Manual High School student was on his way to school. Quintin Hammond never made it.

When Quintin Webster heard the news of the assaults on two teenagers on their way to school, he stopped in his tracks.

"I just got numb and I thought about my son again you know. Still, I think about my son all the time," said Webster.

His son, 15-year old Quintin Hammond had just turned 15-years old and he was murdered for his tennis shoes, on the way to Manual High School. He was a popular student and football player and very enthusiastic. His father remembers getting the call.

"It's just hard. You don't expect to hear nothing like that. It's the worst thing that I ever heard in my life and worst thing that I could ever go through in my life," said Webster.

Webster says he knows exactly how Judith Green feels, but she's lucky her two boys are still alive.

Cedric O'Neal and Kevin Henderson were convicted of murder and robbery. Quintin Hammond's father says he will go to every parole hearing to make sure they never get out of prison.

"Like I said, as long as I am living, if I ever have anything to do with it, you'll never get out. Because my boy is never coming back, and I mean it. That's not going to change," said Webster.

Webster says from time to time, he does hear from some of Quintin's friends from school, 11 years ago. That goes a long way helping him to cope.