Some Jefferson County Public School students won't get to go to the high school they're expecting to attend next year.

Male High School is overcrowded. Male is a popular school. A lot of parents want their children to attend Male Traditional High School for the strong academic programs. But next fall, JCPS will cut down the number of students here.

It's not music to some parents' ears to learn their child may not get to attend the traditional high school of their choice.

"We are very keen on Male High School," said Tom Medford, Barrett Middle School parent.

Too many parents are and that's the problem, according to Superintendent Sheldon Berman.

"We just can't provide for the numbers that are choosing Male. It's just not possible," said Berman.

He says Male High School has about 200 students too many.

"You wonder, am I giving each child the individual attention that they need?" said Laura Rhea, Male High School teacher.

Rhea teaches at Male, where her older son attends school. She wants her younger son to go there too, when he starts high school in two years.

Tom Medford also wants his son to attend Male next year and continue playing baseball. Tom's son attends Barret Middle School. Laura's son attends Jefferson County Middle School. Students from those two traditional middle schools, as well as Johnson Traditional get to attend Male or Butler Traditional High School. Butler has more room, so some students will have to go there instead of Male.

"Kyle will not be at Butler High School and it's not because we are not fond of Butler. We live over 38 miles from Butler High School. So we're talking about my son having to catch a bus at who knows what time in the morning to get down to a high school in Shively," said Medford.

Doctor Berman says parents will get a JCPS survey in the mail within the next few weeks asking for their feedback on how to assign students to traditional high schools. Student assignment could be based on anything from a lottery system to geographic boundaries.