The attack against Louisville Metro Councilwoman Judith Green's two sons earlier this week is prompting community and political leaders to take action.

At 30th and Broadway in west Louisville, community leaders are creating a center for kids in a two-story building. The goal is to have activities that will keep kids out of trouble.

It was an emotional Judith Green who was thankful both of her two sons survived without serious injury after a robbery and assault earlier this week on their way to Central High School.  But surrounded by community leaders, a half dozen Metro Council members, including Council President Jim King, she said residents are tired of the violence.

There have been at least three incidents of students being assaulted on the way to Central in the past few weeks.  Police say they have stepped up their efforts to curtail the violence, including a walking patrol initiated several weeks ago.

Community leaders urged parents to accompany their kids to the bus stop and to keep porch lights on in the morning to discourage violent behavior.

And they said the community center will need the support of parents, and it will need money.