For the first time in the U.S., a married former Baptist minister is ordained as a Roman Catholic priest.

David Harris is a married man and father of two who left his job as a Baptist minister to try to become a Catholic priest.

"It wasn't part of my journey.  I didn't realize this was something I could do until I had already become a Catholic," said Harris.

Louisville Archbishop Joseph Kurtz supported Harris' application to the Vatican, for an exception to the rule that Catholic priests must remain celibate.

"A great amount of discernment needs to occur.  It needs to be a conversation and even a consent by the Holy Father," said Kurtz.

The Pope and Archbishop Kurtz declared his approval and ordained Harris to the priesthood.  The Catholic deacon is now a priest.

"It's one of the most uplifting experiences I've ever had in my life," said Harris.

Harris knelt before the archbishop, promising to respect and obey him and his successors.

"His call to full communion with the Catholic church has been one that has been over 18 years," said Kurtz.

Harris was confirmed as a Catholic six years ago and Saturday morning, he prostrated himself on the floor to pray as a newly ordained priest.

"It was a long process, but a very rewarding process.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and grew so much in my faith.  Just really, the affirmation that this is what's right for me, and then to wait on the church to say yes or no," said Harris.

David Harris will now be the assistant to the pastor at Saint Aloysius Church in Pewee Valley.