A Louisville man has been connected to at least four rapes over the past six years.  Investigators are wondering whether the man is reponsible for other sexual assaults.

DNA testing confirmed the four rape victims were all attacked by the same man.  But police had no idea who the rapist was until one of the victims recently crossed paths with a man she was sure was her attacker.

The rapes occured in four different neighborhoods.  The first was in 2002, followed by attacks in 2006, 2007, and March of this year.  In each case, a man committed sexual assaults after breaking into a home.

49-year-old Iran Oliver Neal was arrested in June after one of his victims called police insisting she had just passed her attacker on the street.

DNA testing links Neal to all four rapes.  LMPD's Sex Crimes Unit wants other sex crime victims to take a good look at a mug shot.  They say it's possible Neal is responsible for other attacks, reported or unreported.

Sgt. Andy Abbot of the Sex Crimes Unit is also making a second plea for help in finding a rapist connected to five unsolved cases in the Chamberlain Lane-Brownsboro Road area.

In June, Abbot revealed the same man is responsible for rapes in 1997, 2002, 2004, and two this year.  But so far, he has received only a few vague tips.

Police have a pretty good description of the rapist -- about 30 years old, around six feet tall, with brown hair and brown eyes.  He's a smoker who wears glasses.

If you can help identify the man, police ask you to call the anonymous police tip line at 574-LMPD.