An anonymous tip leads Metro Police to the city's latest murder victim.  Police believe the victim opened his home to the man accused of murdering him.

The victim is 47-year-old Rodney Cain, and he was known for opening his home in the Germantown neighborhood to the homeless.  But one of the people he tried to help is in jail, charged with murder.

32-year-old James Holman is being held at Metro  Corrections.  Michael Cain, the victim's brother, tells Fox 41's Stephan Johnson, "Yeah, I'm glad they got the guy."

Holman is charged with murder and robbery.  Lt. Barry Wilkerson of Louisville Metro Homicide says, "The individual obviously committed the murder and then was attempting to gather other items for sale."

Police say Holman beat Ronnie Cain to death and robbed him.  Lt. Wilkerson says, "There was some information exchanged between the suspect and the witness, and the witness actually did know where the body was located, because he actually went back to the location again."

That witness called the anonymous tip line early Monday morning and eventually led police to Cain's body inside his home at 816 Ash Street.  Lt. Wilkerson explains, "It was about a twenty hour time period that it took us to locate the individual to take us back to where the body was."

Mary McIntyre, the victim's friend, says, "He killed Ronnie because he was going to sell the things in his house for crack cocaine."  According to a police report, Holman confessed to killing Cain and removing his wallet and other property that he used to obtain crack cocaine.

Trisha Guenther-Logsdon, the victim's sister, says, "Ronnie was just good-hearted."

Family and friends say Cain lived alone.  Guenther-Logsdon says, "He would take everybody in."

And he was known for opening his home to strangers who didn't have a place to stay.  Michael Cain says, "We all talked to Rodney about that."

Neighbors first saw Holman last week, and then again on Monday with police.  Guenther-McIntyre says, "The detectives had walked around the corner with him and they had put him in the cop car and he never got back out of the car and when that happened I knew that that had to be the guy that had done it."