The people arrested in a meth bust in Shepherdsville last night are no strangers to police.  That's because they were out of jail on bond after they were arrested in another meth lab bust just a few weeks earlier.

A hostage situation landed them back behind bars.  Bullitt County Police received a call about a girl being held against her will.  When they got to the scene, they found a potentially explosive situation.

Nicole Mirick, the suspects' daughter, wants to defend her family.  "I just think he's going through a hard time, you know, everybody goes through a hard time."

The hard times got worse Wednesday night when her parents, Jeffrey and Jenny Mirick, and brother Daniel were arrested.

Det. Scotty McGaha of the Bullitt County Sheriff's Dept. says, "The way the call came in was a 911 call from the victim that was being held."

Police say Jeffrey was holding a 19-year-old woman at gunpoint inside a home on Charles Court in Bullitt County.  McGaha says, "They were able to get the 19-year-old female out of the residence."

But that was just the beginning for police.  McGaha explains, "At some point they began to smell an odor."  That's when the Drug Task Force was called in.

Kenny Hardin, Director of the Bullitt County Drug Task Force says, "From a one-pot or one-step method, these are about as dangerous as you're going to get -- lots of chemical reaction while we were there."  Hardin also says police found hundred of bullets and a weapon in the home -- and there's more.

The same couple and another son were arrested for manufacturing methamphetamine in July.  Hardin says, "It's happened to us several times over the years since we've been doing this.  We've rearrested these offenders two, one of 'em I think, we've got three times."

Neighbors like Robert Hodge didn't suspect anything illegal was going on in the home, and says, "We don't need police like that in no neighborhood."  But he's glad the Miricks are gone:  "You better believe it.  I got grandkids around here, and they play up and down this road all day long."

Meanwhile, Nicole Mirick is standing by her family:  "I think he was framed...I will stick by my parents to the end."

The Miricks are charged with manufacturing meth, wanton endangerment, and possession of marijuana.  Jeffrey Mirrick is also charged with unlawful imprisonment.

Bond for the couple is set at $500,000 full cash.