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Gas prices in some areas rise to over $4

Gas prices at some Kentucky gas stations shot up to more than $4 a gallon Friday, before Hurricane Ike even makes landfall.

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear declared a state of emergency intended to prevent predatory pricing.  But people across kentuckiana are still filling up and preparing for the worst.

Driver Ann Glover tells Fox 41's Stephan Johnson, "I got word at work that gas was going up to 4.75 a gallon."  And Veronica Smith explains, "I got a phone call from my sister....She said gas is going up $1.25 today, you better go get some."

It is the talk of the town.  The rumors about a dollar increase at the pump are spreading faster than customers can fill up.

Tamika Mitchell said, "My mom told me -- she stays in Michigan -  she said I need to go try to get as much gas as I could."  And Sharon Yates said, "They was talking about 4.67...5 dollars."

Whether the rumors are coming from co-workers or family members, they're all centered around one cause.  Ann Glover said, "I'm thinking because of the storm."  And Bonnie Cook mentioned, "The hurricane in Texas."

The hurricane in Texas is Ike and it is bearing down on the Texas Gulf Coast.  Gas station manager Joy Allgood said Friday, "These people were complaining about the hurricane."  And consumers have lots of questions for gas station managers about what will happen once Ike makes landfall.

Allgood says, "Are we going to go up to $5, $5.50, and all I can say is I don't think so."

Roger Boyd from AAA has been getting a lot of the same questions, and he's warning consumers about panic buying:  "If motorists go out there, start really taking up all the supply, then stations can theoretically raise the price because they're scared of running out of a product."

While working on this story, Fox 41's Stephan Johnson noticed a slight increase at some gas stations.  Meanwhile, despite AAA's advice to be patient, some consumers are topping off their tanks anyway.

Veronica Smith explained, "I'm a single mother, got two kids, got to do what I can do -- can't wait for Triple-A to decide what I'm going to do."

Roger Boyd from AAA says there are no guarantees that gas prices won't go up once Ike makes landfall.

To report gas gouging, go to this e-mail address:


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