Louisville-area hotels are preparing for the huge number of visitors coming to town for next week's Ryder Cup -- those rooms are going for premium prices.

Just about all the rooms are booked at the Galt House downtown, Kentucky largest hotel, with more than 1200 rooms.

Lisa Haller of the Galt House says, "Some guests are arriving today, and we will build up to the main arrivals that are split between Wednesday and Thursday of next week."

Louisville hotels have been planning for a year to welcome the 80-100,000 guests expected for the Ryder Cup and surrounding festivities.  At the Galt House there are new retail shops, restaurants will stay open late, and room service will extend its hours, all to make sure customers are treated to a high time.

Guests have purchased five-night packages with rooms costing $595 a night.  That's two nights more than the Derby three-night package.  So the Ryder cup should really help the bottom line for Louisville hotels this year, since it comes at a time of year when business can be slow.

Haller says, "Through the year we can count on Derby every May, and Thunder every April, and we generally have a strong summer.  September here in our market can vary by the year, so we're thrilled we got the hallmark signature sporting event, the Ryder Cup, coming to Louisville."

At the other end of 4th Street at the Brown, someone has booked the Muhammad Ali suite for five days at a cost of $1,000 a night. 

The Metro Louisville area has 17,000 hotel rooms.  There are a few rooms left, but just a few.  Jim Woods of the Convention and Visitors Bureau explains, "You have some companies that were blocked for 50 rooms, then they consume 45 so you have five here, three here, and ten there, spread out around the city."

And as for who is staying in that $1,000 a night suite at the Brown: Brad Walker of the hotel says, "We will have it occupied, I"d love to be able to tell you, call me in a week and maybe we can tell you who."

Jim Woods of the Convention Bureau says as of Friday afternoon only about 3% of the hotel rooms in Louisville remain.

Fox 41 will be covering all the action of this international event.  Join us for "Fox 41 Live at the Ryder Cup" all next week at 7:30 p.m.

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