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Gas prices skyrocket all over Kentuckiana

Some Louisville area stations ran out of regular unleaded gas last night and today, as rumors of a big price increase became real. Hurricane Ike has prompted these fuel fears and drivers worry prices will go up again over the weekend.

Stations have or are still working to replenish their supplies. In Louisville, gas prices increased 20 cents or more overnight even before the hurricane

Anticipation, combined with the buzz from any number of people in his life convinced Lou Raho to fill his tank at $4.21 a gallon Friday afternoon.

"My mom told me, she stays in Michigan, she said I need to go try to get as much gas as I could," said driver, Tamika Mitchell.

"I got word at work that gas was going up to $4.75 a gallon," said driver, Ann Glover.

Not quite. Perhaps not yet.

Our informal survey found most Louisville stations at $3.99 and $4.09 a gallon, with an occasional $4.21 posted.

Those prices are up because of worries Hurricane Ike will further disrupt oil supplies from the Texas Gulf Coast. And we found at least three stations that ran out of regular unleaded temporarily Thursday night or Friday afternoon. Triple-A warns any panic buying could shoot prices even higher.

"If motorists go out there and start really taking up the supply, then stations can theoretically raise the price because they're scared of running out of the product," said Roger Boyd, AAA.

Kentucky's governor and attorney general declared a state of emergency after reports of gas at $4.59 a gallon in western Kentucky.

The state says it has received no reports of suspected price gouging or rationing in the Louisville area. You can look up pump prices and report any suspected gouging to the state through the gas prices link on our website at

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