All the concern about Tropical Storm Ike hitting refineries on the Gulf Coast this week caused people rush to gas stations. And now some of those gas stations are on empty.

Yesterday was busy, but today there are no lines at the Shell gas station at the corner of Preston Highway and the Outer Loop.

Instead, the pumps are covered with plastic bags and signs that say out of gas due to hurricane Ike.

Owner Sukh Bains says concerns about Hurricane Ike cause lots of panic buying and local gas terminals to run low.

"So when that starts to run low then there's no more supply coming out of the golf coast through the pipelines to the local terminals," said Bains.

And Bains says the problems is not just in Louisville.

"So they're out in Lexington. They're out in Knoxville, Tennessee."

"This is exactly what we were worried about," said Roger Body, AAA.

Roger Boyd with Triple A Kentucky is not surprised by the gas shortage.

"Panic sets in and everybody gases up everything," said Boyd.

And says now is the time consumers should try to limit their driving.

"Instead of going out there and driving, using up more gasoline and filling up everything now is the time to really strongly incourage motorists to conserve and maybe even conserve more than they ever have before," said Boyd.

Meanwhile, Sukh Bains believes the gas shortage is going to get worse.

"Maybe Monday or Tuesday with the way our suppliers have been telling us that they don't know if they're going to be able to supply us or not," said Bains.

A lot of consumers are angry and blame gas station owners for price gouging.