Southern Indiana communities aren't just dealing with hot power lines and other emergency issues -- crews have had to fight gawkers as they tried to get to those emergencies.

New Albany Mayor Doug England took strong action to try to clear the way as he declared a state of emergency, ordering all but emergency responders off the road.  Motorists who ignore the action will face a ticket or even arrest.

As winds picked up, calls backed up at 911 centers.  Martha Wynn called 911 after seeing the roof of an historic building on Fourth Street blast off and head for her home.

Dispatchers could not promise quick repairs on fallen electric lines.  But they did keep police, fire, and public works crews busy.

Downtown, a tree on a house caught fire when it also took down a hot electric line.  Firefighters were able to keep damage to a minimum.

After making sure no one was hurt and gas to the building was off, firefighters were headed to another call.

Mayor Doug England decided to declare a state of emergency to try to clear streets so emergency and repair crews could get where they need to be.

In reality, police, running from problem to problem, have been too busy to enforce the state of emergency.

They say, however, it's especially important to stay indoors because limbs damaged in the wind storm may still fall and there are likely still downed power lines out there.  They pose the risk of electrocution.