The power outage is not just affecting homeowners and schools.  A number of businesses, including grocery stores, are also still in the dark.  But some stores are managing to stay open despite not having power.

Several Louisville Kroger stores have been left without power -- but instead of closing, they're all open and taking care of customers.

The Holiday Manor Kroger store doesn't have frozen goods or meat on the shelves.  But customers like Marie Lightsey are still glad the store is open:  "Even though they don't have lights, it's wonderful they opened up for people."

The store has been without power since Sunday.  Manager Phil Watson explains, "We're primarily selling dry goods, canned goods."  Managers are using generators to keep a few lights and cash registers on, but the selection is still limited.  Watson says, "Anything that's refrigerated, we're not selling."

In fact, since Sunday the store has tossed out more than enough food to fill up a dumpster, and is using portable freezers to protect other food.  Watson says, "If we're not confident with it, then we're not going to be selling it to our customers."

Watson says Kroger has a golden rule when it comes to questionable food:  "When in doubt, throw it out."

Meanwhile, your local grocer isn't the only one staying busy.  Kim Lovell, who was buying gasoline on Tuesday, said, "I'm just worried that I won't be able to wait long enough in line to get some."

You'd think the Thorntons gas station at First and Broadway was giving away free gas.  But at $4.15 a gallon, people are still lining up, worried there could be a shortage.  Lovell said, "When I tried this morning it was actually worse -- it was all the way onto First Street."

Roger Boyd with AAA Kentucky says there are some outages at particular stations, but no shortages.  "Certain stations are running out, certain station brands can't get deliveries, but in general, absolutely not.  Nobody needs to worry about whether or not there's gasoline in the system.  The worry is whether or not the specific station that they're going to has it."

Right now, there are still several Kroger stores without power, but they're all using backup generators to keep the doors open.