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Neighbors help neighbors on their third day without power

Thousands of families are well into their third day without power, but most remain in pretty good spirits.

It's something you can see in neighborhoods all over the city.  People are sharing what they can and pitching in to help find solutions as individual and neighborhood problems arise.

Kathryn Marmor, a Seneca Drive resident, says, "We're fortunate the weather is as good as it is right now.  We have our windows open, and we're doing OK."

Part of the reason for her sunny outlook is the fact her family has a working refrigerator even though it has no electricity.

Some homes on the south side of Seneca Drive have power, so they are sharing with neighbors across the street who do not.  Marmor explains, "A number of us on this street have extension cords coming into our house and, then, from that we have three plugs -- one plugged into the refrigerator, one plugged into a light, and one for charging cell phones."

Seneca Drive neighbors have also pooled their food for cookouts and pitched in to clean up storm damage.  David Doolittle says, "We have a lot of old people on the street, and we chopped up some limbs and cleared our street out so everybody could get back and forth and it was pretty fun, actually."

Across town in Shively, a utility truck in a powerless neighborhood provides hope help is on the way.  A nearby subdivision got power last night.

Resident Theresa Hunt says, "The whole neighborhood, everybody, just gets out there cooking and feeding the kids and you do what you can.  Water, what ice you have, you share everything."

A Red Cross canteen truck offering free food and drinks at Shively City Hall has given residents a welcome change of diet.  Shively resident Wayne Porter says it's "just sardines, vienna sausages, and stuff like that. But it's OK.  We'll get by, I guess."

Fox 41's Dick Irby asked several people on Tuesday whether they will be in such good spirits if their power outages continue a week or longer.

Most said they don't even want to think about that.

They are optimistic repairs can be made in less than the week or two LG&E has predicted.

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