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Thousands of people in Kentuckiana are still in the dark

Another long day on the road to recovery, as tens of thousands of people in Kentuckiana wait for their lights to be turned back on.

LG&E still says it could take up to 14 days before everyone gets their power back after remnants of Hurricane Ike roared through on Sunday.

Like many other neighborhoods throughout the city some have power, some don't, some have seen utility trucks working and others wonder when they'll come rolling in.

The wait for power is a long one, but seeing utility trucks in your neighborhood, gives you a glimmer of hope.  Downtown, they're repairing telephone lines, in Germantown crews from Pennsylvania are restoring power.

"Just like everyone else it's been a rough trip, but it's been maintainable, I mean we've been able to get through it," said Cordell Miles, who is waiting for power.

But still, some 182,000 customer are still without power.  Hurricane Ike made landfall hundreds of miles away, but the remnants, 75 mile per hour winds, turned Louisville upside down.

With trees and wires still blocking streets and traffic lights still not up and running at several locations, it's still a nightmare for many.

Some continue to question if there is special treatment afforded some, when it comes to getting power up and running.

"I've gotten calls from the South End, who say people from in East End are getting preferential treatment, people from West End who say people from the South End are getting preferential treatment.  I can continue to go around the geography of the city, the answer is LG&E is moving as they said they would, they're going into areas, when they fix it, creates the most positive for the area," said Jerry Abramson, Louisville Mayor.

As for the world class Ryder Cup at Valhalla this week, during a time when so many, families are without power, and businesses are closed.

"Even in the face of the worst storm in 30 or 40 years, Louisville can host one of the biggest world events," said Abramson.

While the world event goes on, in one part of town.  On Wednesday at 13th and Broadway, starting at 9 a.m., families who need food will get pre-packaged food on a first come first served basis.  Food stamp recipients who have spoiled food will get additional credit to buy more food.

400 utility trucks from various parts of the country will be on the streets.  Jefferson County Public and Catholic Schools will remain closed for the third day.  70 additional National Guardsmen will be on the streets.

It seems like you know people are trying to help, to get this situation resolved, as soon as possible," said Miles.

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