In southern Indiana, more than 51,000 people are still without electricity.  Allison Lane and Beechwood Drive is considered one of the hardest-hit areas in Clark County.

At the height of the storm there were 55-60,000 people in Floyd and Clark counties without power.  That number is now 27,000.

Jim Stanley of Duke Energy tells Fox 41, "When the storm hit on Sunday about 33% of all cases happened here in Clark and Floyd counties."

On Allison Lane in Jeffersonville, crews are working hard to restore the electricity.  It's been a daunting task with so many downed trees and powerlines.  Stanley says, "We're projecting Saturday by midnight to get everybody back up."

Jeffersonville Mayor Tom Galligan says the storm hit everyone by surprise.  And he says the city needs a better line of information with Duke Energy, and he's trying to work on that."

Indiana's Homeland Security Director Joe Wainscott also flew to River Valley Middle School to survey all the damage. 

Saturday by midnight is when Clark and Floyd county residents can expect to have their power restored.  That's according to Duke Energy, which has 650 workers trying to restore power to the 27,000 remaining residents.

Some people will get their power back on before Saturday.   Duke Energy has more than 650 workers trying to restore electricity and may bring in more crews.  At the height of the storm, 55-60,000 people in Clark and Floyd counties didn't have power.