Eight thousand more customers have their lights back on tonight, but LG&E says it will be at least 10 more days until all power is restored. There are 108,000 homes without power tonight. But as restoration continues it is clear there are people still in need of help.

After Sunday's wind storm, Yolanda Wilson and her father tried to stay with her sister. But she too is without power.

"So we had no choice but to sleep in our car last night. And through a mutual friend we found out about Louisville Gardens," said Wilson.

Wilson and her father are among at least 20 people who have taken advantage of the Red Cross shelter, which is expected to remain open through the weekend.

"I just have to thank God. At least we're somewhere instead of staying outside," said Wilson.

1900 utility crews are slowly trying to repair 8000 downed wires and more than 600 broken utility poles. 108,000 homes are still without power and it could be 10 more days before electricity is fully restored.

"I know it's frustrating for a lot of people but LG&E is the only provider for a lot of people so you just got to wait your turn I guess," said Christy O'Connell, storm victim.

As cleanup continues, some have more daunting tasks than others. It could be a matter of days or weeks before they come through and clean that up a tree wrapped in power lines. Some people just have limbs that could be tossed out with the trash. And then there are others who have barely any cleanup at all.

At St. Therese Parish in Germantown, they are cooking in the dark.

"And we would have given it to St. John's Center or some of the other soup kitchens, but there are a lot of people in the neighborhood who need some free food," said Carla Schroeder, St. Therese Parish

With no power, the kitchen's stockpile of food was in danger of going bad. That's why parishioners opted to have a massive cookout. People have continued to line for food. 5000 people have taken advantage of city food services all week. Demand is still strong.

Dare to Care will hold another mobile food bank tomorrow. It will be held at the Dimas Charities - St. Ann's Campus. That's located at 1515 Algonquin Pkwy. It starts at 9 a.m.

We expect another update on the storm damage tomorrow morning. A press conference has been scheduled with Mayor Jerry Abramson, Gov. Steve Beshear and Congressman John Yarmuth.