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Churches and worship centers prepare for Sunday services in the dark

Thousands of people will be counting on a different kind of power Sunday morning.  Local churches and other worship centers are rearranging services to cope with lack of electricity.

The power has been out at the Louisville Islamic center since Sunday.

"We have at least a hundred people worshipping every night," said G. A. Shareef, with the Louisville Islamic Center.

Shareef is chairman is the education committee and says it hasn't stopped people from coming here to pray.

"Number of people who come for night prayer has not dropped at all," said Shareff.

There's no power at Kingdom Land baptist church on South 11th street either.  But members won't entirely be in the dark.  The church is using a generator to run the electric piano, microphones and a few lights.

"It's just a small inconvenience," said Katrina Cotton, member, Kingdom Land.

It may be a small inconvenience, but last week's windstorm was part of Hurricane Ike and church members know it could be a lot worse.

"The small inconvenience we had compared to what they went through, our prayers and our hearts go out to them and we just thank God because it could have been us," said Cotton.

Kingdom Land isn't the only church without power.

"We will not be able to hold our Sunday School tomorrow morning," said Rev. Johnnie Clark, Sr., Pastor, Barnett Avenue Baptist.

Barnett Avenue Baptist Church cancelled Sunday School because of the power outage.  But plans to hold morning worship service in the dark.

"We're going to carry on just the way we normally would and because of the size of our building I think we'll be ok," said Clark.

Clark and other ministers are prepared to worship in the dark.

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