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Windstorm damages reveal hidden costs for homeowners

Since it hasn't rained much since the windstorm, some people may not even realize they have damage to their roof or other parts of their home.

One of the most common forms of damage from the windstorm is from trees. A branch fell on that house. Workers have removed the tree, but the damage is still there.

"When I heard this loud crash, I assumed that it was a lightning bolt. And instead, I got a call from my next-door neighbor in the yellow house that a tree had just crushed her car and smashed into my house," said Craig Cothren, homeowner.

Clearly, when a tree falls on your house, you know to look for damage. But wind alone can wreak havoc you might not see so clearly.

"If you go in your attic and you see daylight, you better get some tarps going. Because when it rains, you're going to have a lot of wet insulation and you're going to have a lot of wet drywall and a whole set of other problems and more," said Brent Thurman, Constructive Improvements.

"I was so focused on the tree here, that I didn't realize I also had aluminum siding damage and four broken windows in the back of the house," said Cothren.

It wasn't until contractor Brent Thurman took a closer look, that he found the other problems.

"From down here, you can say, well that looks great. All my shingles, I'm not missing a single one. But in the valleys, if the flashing had blown off from wind damage, the next time it rains, it's coming right down through your attic," said Thurman.

Some damage is obvious, like a gutter up that's falling apart and will have to be replaced, even though the owner says he just replaced it a couple of months ago.

Craig Cothren will have to replace his roof too.

"Well, I didn't really like the green color. So now the good news is, 'cause there's a good news and bad news side to all this, is that now I can change the color," said Cothren.

"If you're afraid of getting on a roof or you're not very physically capable, hire somebody to get up there. But most people, we did a free estimate for Mr. Cothren. We get up there. We'll go do it ourselves," said Thurman.

The contractor found more than $19,000 worth of damage to Cothren's house. Cothren says he'll have to pay more than $1,200 out of pocket before insurance covers the rest.

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