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Metro United Way volunteers respond to those still in need after windstorm

People in seven Kentuckiana counties can also get help cleaning up from the windstorm. Between 5 to 8 tonight, volunteers took more than 300 calls to the phone number 211. Another special phone bank is on the way and so is help.

Phones ringing off the hook for three hours!

Even before Thursday night, Metro United Way already had received more than two thousand calls related to the windstorm two Sundays ago.

"It's overwhelming, but it's manageable. And we're grateful for that," said Roberta Steutermann, volunteer.

Roberta Steutermann and other so-called volunteer "Wind Warriors" will start going out to people's homes next week.

Teams will help with raking and bagging storm debris, moving small tree limbs for curbside pickup, throwing away broken items, and cleaning out your fridge.

"The refrigerator stuff, we're using folks that have been volunteers with us before, so we know them. Ok? The yard work stuff, we'll organize, we'll have a captain. Let's say it's a group from workplace X. We'll know that they're employed at a certain site," said Joe Tolan, Metro United Way President.

United Way's president says only the elderly, disabled, and sick qualify for assistance.

"We're pretty much going on good faith that folks are telling us the truth. And if we show up somewhere, and someone looks like they could bench-press 400 pounds, we're probably going to say, have a nice day," said Tolan.

The phone bank has 24 phones, and each of them has 12 lines that light up. That's 288 lines. The Metro United Way says each call is free and confidential. And they have translators for more than 100 languages.

Calls are coming in from all over the map. And volunteers are ready to help people in Jefferson, Shelby, Oldham, and Bullitt counties in Kentucky. Plus Clark, Floyd, and Harrison counties in Indiana.

"It's a little shocking honestly, to see how some people are just so homebound. And you don't see it very often, but to know that it's there," said Alaina Mitchell, volunteer.

If you need help with windstorm cleanup or want to volunteer, you can call 211 anytime. But it's best to call during phone bank hours because more people will be there to answer your call. The hours are the same tomorrow from 5 to 8 p.m.

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