Tonight, Metro government has sent FEMA a bill for money it spent responding to last week's windstorm.

The price tag is estimated at more than $4.2 million

Public Works officials say it'll take the next two months to haul away piles of tree limbs from public right-of-ways. That's just part of the cost of this windstorm.

"I have never seen this much devastation. I was here back in the '74 tornado. Nothing, nothing like this. Louisville's pretty inundated," said Mike Shearon, Crestwood Construction Worker.

And inundated with expenses. Governor Beshear estimates statewide damage at more than $10 million. Louisville's costs at more than $4.2 million. He is now asking the president for a reimbursement.

"While we are formally filing that letter on behalf of about 36 counties now, we may well amend that application or an additional declaration, as we move along and as we find other damage in other counties," said Governor Steve Beshear.

If the president approves the request, Louisville could get federal reimbursement for up to 75% of taxpayers' costs and state reimbursement of up to 12.5%. How long that will take is anybody's guess.

And the city will still have to bear the cost of the remaining half a million dollars. Officials say that could mean making budget adjustments between now and next summer to make up for the extra spending.

Mayor Abramson says FEMA crews have been touring Kentucky to assess the damage.

"One of them has been in Louisville all day today. They've been out looking at debris drop-offs to sort of get a feel for how much has been in play and how bad was the windstorm," said Mayor Abramson.

Debris drop-off sites are seeing constant traffic. This is load number six and the last load for this Shively storm victim.

"I know it costs the city a lot, but I am definitely grateful that this dump was free. Because when I dump here, normally what the city would charge would be about $1200.

Starting Monday, Public Works crews will go through each city street once to pick up storm debris.

To find out when trucks will come through your street, call MetroCall 311.