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New flyer attacking local judge candidate surfaces

With five weeks until election day, a new flyer has surfaced attacking district judge candidate Katie King.  The flyer claims it is going to wreck her campaign.

Whoever authored the mailer remains unknown, but the group Citizens for Family and Moral Values claim to have paid for the flyer, which shows two photos of King, one of a tattoo on her back, the other of King in what appears to be a yoga pose.

Earlier this year, a group by the same name drew public reproach after producing an attack flyer showing a superimposed image Ken Herndon, then a Metro Council candidate, at a gay pride event.  Ken Herndon has said the mailer cost him the election to incumbent, George Unseld, a Democrat in Metro Council District 6.

On Tuesday, Herndon filed a lawsuit in hopes of uncovering who is responsible for the mailings.  Herndon says he believes the King flyer is the work of a copycat, but admits there is no way to be certain.

"It could be the same people, we don't think that group is in existence.  Whoever produced the piece that came after me, I think there soul purpose was to defeat me and elect my opponent and they succeeded," said Ken Herndon, former Metro Council candidate.

The flyer with the photos of King reads like a letter addressed to both her and her father, Metro Council President Jim King.

It offers no detail about King, but threatens to derail her campaign.  It shows two pictures of King with the phrases: "Bend over and grab your ankles because the hour of your unveiling draws near."

Her opponent, David Holton, denounced the mailer.

"I think this kind of stuff is deplorable.  I don't condone it, I condemn it.  I call on whoever is behind to stop.  We are running a positive campaign and we expect our opponents to do the same," said David Holton, a district judge candidate.

Katie King's campaign manager declined to make King available but offered this statement:

"The flyers are juvenile and shameful.  The smear tactics have no relevance or place in this campaign or in public discourse.  The person responsible should have the courage to take responsibility instead of hiding behind a copy machine."

Herndon says the lawsuit will give his attorneys subpoena power, which could aid them in their search for who is responsible.

"Number one if they exist and they participate in the campaign, they are in violation of campaign finance law in the state and that could be a criminal charge.  Additionally, because of what they said about me there could be civil actions we can take and we will pursue both with vigor," said Herndon.

There is no record of the group with the state's registry of election finance or with the secretary of state office.  Katie King's campaign says it would be willing to join Herndon's lawsuit.  But for now, Herndon says he wants to go it alone.

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